Bido is a market place for selling and buying domain names. Bido is a Social Auction Platform. I want to through some light on how Bido selects the domain names from submitted ones.

Bido Rules

Before we dive into how Bido selects the domains for selling, go through the Bido Rules which should give you the major steps involved in selling domain names on Bido.

Bido Voting System

Bido doesn’t auction all submitted domains. Domains get voted by Bido members and those which receive atleast 20 votes are the ones that make it to Bido’s auction. So for a Domain to get auctioned by Bido, it needs 20 votes. This pretty says why Bido is a Social Auction market place.

How to vote on Bid?

You have to be a registered member of Bido inorder to vote. Registration needs a small payment of $0.10, which i guess is to verify the registrant. Once you login to your Bido account, Go to Auction -> Submitted. Search the name on the Search bar if you can’t find a particular name on the list and then Click the “Thumbs up” image next to the domain name if you want to vote for that particular domain name.

What i would like to see on Bido voting system?

1. There is a “Thumbs up” image for voting. After i cast the vote it changes to “Tick mark” which is cool. What if i cast a vote by mistake. I don’t find a way to “Cancel” my vote.

2. The last submitted names are on the top of the list by default. I would prefer to see the first submitted names on the top as they are the ones which have least time to get the required 20 votes. I can sort it by clicking on “Days” column, but to have it by default would be cool.

I have submitted on Bido. Vote for it if you like the name.

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4 Comments on Bido’s Voting System Explored

  1. Jarred says:

    Hi Kumaran,

    Thanks for the review of the voting system on Bido, and the opportunity to discuss it more here in the comments on your blog is very much appreciated.
    I’d like to clarify a little about your comments and provide some insight from our end of things. The 20 votes mechanism is a trigger that we put in place to move domains through the funnel without human intervention. It is a number that will probably change as time goes by. While we collect data about voting, and refine the voting system further, we are accepting domains for auction in the meantime that have gotten less votes than that. Also, keep in mind some of the domains that are up for voting are still from prior to our voting format, from back when Bido would select the domains without members seeing them. With that said and out of the way, the core idea here is to take the top domains for auction, and while doing such, crowdsourcing our members and getting them involved and let them vote on what goes for auction.
    This is currently an art, not yet a science. It’s new to us.
    While we’re still collecting data to determine what will be enough votes to hit the automatic trigger, we’ll just keep skimming the top of the list in the meantime. We’re still gathering data to feel out what a lot of votes consists of, and what a little consist of. Voting lasts for a maximum of 30 days, and we will basically skim those off the top as needed while we gather data to figure when they should automatically go to auction. While we are ironing out this format and collecting data, experimenting with the presentation (Featured, Hot, Days Left, Sorting, etc), as long as a seller’s domain gets voted on well, it will go to auction.
    Regarding the default sort order you pointed out, we feel that by giving the recently submitted domains the default view will give them the exposure they need to move their way up the voting ladder. Remember that we are today still inside our first 30 day window we have ever done, and we are watching and learning and collecting feedback. Nothing is set in stone and we continue to adapt there and make changes as necessary. In these first 30 days of this new format, imagine if we did that sort order you suggested – you would see the same domains every day you came to bido for the past few weeks and that would not benefit those that continued to list domains for voting and would have given an unfair and heavy weight to those first few domains that went into voting with this new format we released.
    All good points and a healthy discussion, thanks again.
    Best wishes with your auctions on Bido.

  2. Kumaran says:


    Impressed by the quick response. This is one more reason why everyone should give a try for Bido. Bido is listening no matter where or what you say. Thumbs up.

    Thanks for throwing more light on the voting system.

    I agree since Bido is still in the 30 day window period, default first submitted going to top of the list isn’t the best option atm.

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