Google keyword tool is a handy tool for all domainers. If you haven’t used it yet, i suggest you to try it straight away. It gives a wealth of information regarding the “keywords” you are interested in.

You would have noticed the “Match Type” column which is the last column shown in the result. There are four options for the “Match Type” column – Broad, Phrase, Exact, Negative. The default is Broad. This “Match Type” is a very important option which many a times we ignore knowingly or unknowingly. This post is to remind the significance of this option and explain what each option exactly means.

Lets consider the example of the keywords “Domain Name”.

1. Broad
Statistics are shown for the either or both words “Domain” and “Name” in any order and when searched along with other words.

2. Phrase
Statistics are shown for the words “Domain Name” in the same order and when searched along with other words.

3. Exact
Statistics are shown for the exact term “Domain Name” in the same order and without any other words.

4. Negative
Statistics are shown for the term “Domain Name” minus any word(for eg. “Cheap”). Statistics won’t include searches such as Cheap Domain Name, Domain Cheap Name Domain, Domain Name Cheap.

Majority of the times you will want to use the “Exact” option.

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