These are tough times and every dollar you spend counts. You have to find out ways to avoid spending those extra dollars whenever possible or if you feel you can’t cut down the dollar then make sure atleast you have more than one reason for your spending. Choosing a Registrar is significant as it also determines the Market Place Access.

1. Godaddy

If i want to hand reg a domain name for the purpose of development or if i feel i can sell it by tdnam, I would choose Godaddy provided i can find some discount coupons by which i can cut the domain registration cost significantly. Having a domain name at Godaddy makes it easier to sell the domain names by Tdnam.

2. Moniker

If i want to sell the domain name through Snapnames, then i would go for Moniker even if it means shelling those little extra dollars. Please note that only domain names at Moniker can be sold by Snapnames.

In most of the cases i zero in one of these two registrars.

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