To start with i am no way against Godaddy and it is one of my favourite registrars. But there are certain things you have to be careful with Godaddy. Previous posts (tricks, tips etch) about Godaddy are here.

I bought a product at Godaddy a year back. The auto renew option was ON. When the renewal time was near, Godaddy was sending me mails that it would renew the product but my Paypal account which was linked with Godaddy didn’t have both sufficient funds and a valid credit card as backup source.

Well i didn’t bother much because i didn’t want to renew the product. Also as an experiment(i had not so good previous experiences with Godaddy), i wanted to see what Godaddy will do. After a week, i made a sale and funds got into my Paypal account. I got into my Paypal account 15 minutes after the buyer sent the payment.

You guess what happened. Godaddy has renewed the product which was due renewal the moment funds got into the Paypal account. The point is “Godaddy knows when the funds get into your Paypal”. Be cautious.

One more reason why you should turn OFF the auto renew option at Godaddy.

16 Comments on Godaddy Tip – Be Cautious

  1. Domainer says:

    “Godaddy Will Screw If You Are Not Cautious”

    Unbelievable post. The Auto-Renew feature did exactly what it is supposed to do – automatically renew your domain name and charge your account.

    In absolutely no way did they “screw” here. If you don’t want the auto-renew feature, turn it off. It’s honestly as simple as that.

  2. Patrick McDermott says:


    I’m certainly no defender of GoDaddy and do not like many of their sleazy tactics.

    However in this case I do not believe you were screwed by GD.

    As you pointed out, you should have canceled the auto-renew. You certainly had ample opportunity and time.

    Imagine if something really important to you was not renewed , you’d be upset and complaining about that.

    We see it all the time when domains are not renewed and we all know GD is really good about sending out renewal and expiration notices.

    GoDaddy will try and screw you by setting auto-renew by default, adding multiple years to a domain registration or renewal, etc.

    You really do have to pay attention and keep your eyes wide opened.

  3. Kumaran says:


    I wanted to share my experience with others so that people benefit. I am no way against Godaddy as stated in my post though i am not inline with some of their tricks. For instance the auto-renew option itself should have been OFF by default imho. But then opinions differ which i accept and appreciate.

    Sorry, but I had to edit your unnecessary strong words in your comment. Such comments will only expose your immaturity. I am saving you from disgrace by editing your comment. No hard feelings here. If you still insist you stand by your comment, well go ahead and repost it for everyone to make their own judgement.

    You simply can’t accuse someone if you don’t agree with their views. People will appreciate if you can maintain a certain level of dignity and show respect for your peers imho.

    I wanted to experiment what Godaddy will do in such a scenario and simply wanted to share the experience.

    @Patrick McDermott

    I agree. Probably i didn’t choose the best title for the post. I took a second view at the post and felt the attention is being diverted to the title and hence changed the title. The point i wanted to make is “Once the funds get into your Paypal, Godaddy knows it”.

    Thanks for your opinion.

  4. Whenever I get the opportunity to jump all over GoDaddy, I do it. They ARE slime bags and they DO screw you at every opportunity.
    Try transferring a name away from GoDaddy and they make it nearly impossible and ridiculously frustrating. is the best registrar in the world, hands down. Comparing GoDaddy and Fabulous is like comparing a spoiled, rancid glass of milk with a fresh, cold glass of milk.

  5. @david

    I’m not sure what you are talking about. I transfer names away from GD all the time and never have trouble. In fact, it is usually incredibly easy and fast.


  6. Patrick McDermott says:

    “Try transferring a name away from GoDaddy and they make it nearly impossible and ridiculously frustrating.”

    I cannot believe I am defending GoDaddy again.

    Bob Parsons better get me some alone time with Candace. 🙂

    David, I agree with Chris. I have transferred away many domains from GoDaddy including well after the expiration date without any problems.

    Unlock the domain, get the Auth Code sent to you by email and then initiate the transfer.

    In fact, GoDaddy lets you expedite the transfer.

    Log into your account.
    Go to Account Manager.
    Click on “Pending Transfers”
    Select “Outgoing Transfers”
    Authorize the Transfer.
    Transfer will be done quickly instead of 5 – 7 days.

    That said, GoDaddy does continue to try and screw you by locking your domain
    for 60 days if you make changes to the Name section of the WhoIs.

    If you want to put your wife’s or partner’s name in the WhoIs Name Contact area,
    GoDaddy will force you to agree to a 60 day lock under the guise of a security protocol
    so you cannot transfer out.

    This is against ICANN policy.

    Changes to WhoIs is not a valid reason to deny a domain transfer.

    You have to complain loud and clear to get GD to release the lock.

    Previously GD would lock the domain if any changes to the Admin WhoIs was made
    including putting a new telephone # or street address.

    Those blocks have been stopped.

    I just tested it in my GD account.

    Now about that alone time with Candace….

  7. Interesting tip, but it might just be that Godaddy might have scheduled debit for Paypal for those who auto renew?

    I love that service because at least if I don’t go online it would still be mine than let it go expired.

  8. Vikz says:

    Besides their slow domain management interface, GoDaddy works great for me. I always have Auto-renew off

  9. Sathees says:

    Auto Renew ON is not a problem. I received mail stating no fund to renew. I disabled all auto renew and every thing is OK.

    I heard a lots of (negative) stories, you can find some here

    I am satisfied with their service. I am moving away because of their System performance is not enough for my requirement.

    I need to transfer some domains from GD in the near future and will let you Guys know!

  10. NameSugar says:

    I really can’t believe I’m defending them either but I try to be accurate about my gripes. Patrick already did great job summing up their faults. One thing I’ve never had a problem with at godaddy is transfers. In fact, one of the fastest transfers you can do is from GD to Fabulous. I wish all registrars were as efficient. I love for all the reasons I dislike GD, but their transfers take forever.

  11. autobot says:

    your post has interesting information
    I will add you to my blogroll so I can come back often.

  12. nSathees says:

    I moved one domain from goDaddy to Moniker and it was smooth. I did not experience any problem in this regard.

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