I would like to share some jokes or other humorous stuffs now and then. Really want to take that little break from domaining. Domainers need to relax a bit imho.

Just came across a small interesting story with a lesson to be learned.

A bus driver was up to his routine job. Started the bus from the garage and went on from one stop to another. People were getting in and out at the bus stops. No problems till then. In the next bus stop a big hulk boards the bus. He is six feet tall, well built body and long arms. Stares the bus driver and says “Big John won’t pay”. The driver is amused and doesn’t know what to do. Big John takes his seat in the bus.

This started repeating everyday and the bus driver started loosing his sleep. The driver wanted to do something. So enrolled himself for the body building classes and karate classes. After a few days the bus driver had put on some weight and knows a few karate steps for self defense. He felt its time to stand up against Big John.

The next day, Big John boards the bus and repeats the words “Big John won’t pay”. The bus driver stares at Big John and screams “Why is that Big John won’t pay”. Big John is little amused and replies “Because Big John has a bus pass”.

Lesson: First make sure you have a problem before trying to solve one. This pretty much applies to all fields including domaining.

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