I will explain how to install a WordPress plugin on WordPress. Lets see the steps involved in installing WP-PageNavi 2.5 plugin on WordPress 2.8.x as an example.

WP-PageNavi plugin helps to get a better page navigation compared with the default “Older Entries” & “Newer Entries” page navigation. Once this plugin is installed you can jump to any page directly instead of going one by one as shown below.

Page Navi

1. Download the zip copy of the WP-PageNavi 2.5 plugin and unzip it.

2. Upload the unzipped copy into your /public_html/wp-content/plugins folder using the ftp client. I use FileZilla as my ftp client.

3. Now login to the Admin area of your wordpress blog and go to “Plugins” option. There you can see the newly updated “WP-PageNavi” plugin. Activate the plugin.

4. The last and most critical step is connecting your blog to the WP-PageNavi plugin. In the default wordpress theme check for the file index.php. Remove the two lines

Page Navi Default Code

and replace it by the following line

Page Navi Code

and you are done with the plugin installation.

5. Go to your site and you will see the new page navigation buttons right at the bottom of your blog’s main page similar to the one you see in LazyDomaining.com.

8 Comments on How To Install A WordPress Plugin

  1. Shaun M. says:

    You can also install plugins directory from your dashboard, as long as you’re running a newer version of WordPress (2.7+). Go to your plugins section, and click “add new.” Its a great feature and makes installing plugins painless. You can do this for themes as well (go to “appearance – add new themes.” 🙂

  2. Kumaran says:

    I guess this “Add New” is a substitute for step 2. Thanks for the info.

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  4. doi says:

    wow! thanks! been looking for a fix on installing PageNavi on my site but the instructions were all unclear from the previous sites I went. Your instructions were so easy!

    Note: I deleted it from my home.php since I didn’t find it in my index.php. I guess the place where we need to find the lines to delete varies from the themes we are using 😉

    Anyway, Thanks much! 😀

  5. fullziphoody says:

    Wow now that was easy, thanks for the easy simple steps. Now i will know how to install future plugins on my wordpress thanks!

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