While selling domain names on forums or other places the following dos and donts apply. This will make the seller look like a pro and will earn respect from fellow domainers.

1. Specify the domain name(s) clearly in the thread.
2. List the registrar and the expiry date of the domain name(s).
3. Put a proper price or atleast a minimum offer.
4. Specify the method of accepted payments.
5. Specify the validity of the offer if you want to make it as a limited time offer.
6. Say who are eligible for the offer.

1. Don’t try to be hide any facts. Some newbies don’t specify the registrar & expiry date, when the domain cannot be transferred out due to the registrar policy and the domain is about to expire respectively.
2. Don’t bump the thread before 24hrs which is the normal rule.
3. Don’t encourage unwanted comments on your sale thread.

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