If your website is ranked say within the top 1000 results on google for a particular keyword, you can do the following to find the position of the website.

1. Change the “Results per page” to “100” in Advanced search.

2. Now key-in the keyword to Google and hit the “Search” button.

3. Find the website name using the browser’s find tool. For eg: in Firefox you can use Ctrl+F and key-in the website name. If you don’t find it on the first page, then move to the next pages till you find it.

4. Once you find the website, move the mouse over the word “Cached”.

5. Check the message on the status bar. In the message the number next to “keyword&cd=” is the position of the website on Google for that particular keyword.

Ranking of LazyDomaining.com

For eg: The position of LazyDomaining.com on Google for the keyword “lazydomaining” is 4 which is boxed in pink in the above picture.

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