is at Sedo auction with reserve met, meaning the top bidder will take the name. Make sure you satisfy the requirements to own .US domains

There are many reasons why i feel is one hell of a deal

Super premium one word adult name. Adult names are the least hit even in this worst times.

45.5 Million searches in Google in the month of April 2009. Imagine the potential of developing this name.

– “Ass” also stands for “Assets” which is another super premium financial name.

– .US is no ordinary country code tld. It is for US, the top country code tld you can hope for.

You don’t get to see deals like this very often.

This is one of the best time to buy and is probably one of the best domain to buy atm.

4 Comments on Why i feel is one hell of a deal

  1. Dob’t gorget its political ties. It’s great for the price.

  2. Jay says:

    it has only managed to reach upto 938 USD with 5 hours remaining in the auction.. I think it’ll fair around $1.5k – $2k selling price!!

    Good luck seller

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