The following points needs to be considered while choosing a registrar to register domain name

1. Reliability of the Registrar
This is one of the most important point to consider while registering a domain name. Big boys like Godaddy, Moniker, Dynadot, Enom etc are the preferred choice. Many small registrars have gone broke after few months/years of existence.

2. Price for registering a domain name
It is one factor which makes a lot of business sense. But don’t get carried away by cheap price alone. Reliability of the registrar should be considered along with the renewal charges as well.

3. Easy Maintenance
Another important point to consider if you are a reseller. Pushing or transferring domains is next to impossible with some registrars. Don’t want to name them but just do your research before you make a choice. Also make sure changing dns, contact details etc are free of charge for atleast the top tlds like .com, .net & .org.

4. Bulk Pricing
Some registrars like Dynadot offer some cheap bulk pricing. If you are going to register tons of names you might have to consider this factor as well.

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