I want to share some interesting SEO myths with LazyDomaing.com’s readers.

When you Google for “Domain Name Blog”, you will find the domain www.dnsblogs.com as the first search result.

dnsblogs google

A closer look at the domain will bust the following SEO myths

Myth 1: High PR is mandatory for higher ranking in Google

dnsblogs.com is just PR1 and is ranked first for “Domain Name Blog”

Myth 2: Posts should be made regularly in order for higher ranking in Google

dnsblogs home

The last post in dnsblogs.com was made 19 months back in Nov 2007. Blogs with more recent post couldn’t get to the top spot.

Myth 3: Advanced themes are required for higher ranking in Google

Though advanced themes might enhance the look and feel for the visitor but not really from SEO perspective or in other words you can get the job done even with the basic theme of WP from the SEO perspective.

dnsblogs.com uses the basic default theme of WP but still ranked first for “Domain Name Blog”.

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