Domains with traffic are always a preferred choice as it gives an instant option to monetize them using the different parking systems at the least. Then there is the development angle as well.

Here i will throw light about the domains with traffic from the parking

1. What are traffic domains?

They are Domains which gets visitors without you spending a dime on ads. Traffic may come from

a. Pure type-ins – people actually typing in the domain name in the browser

b. Expired domain – this domain might have been a developed website before, with backlinks

c. Search engine traffic

2. What should one look for when buying a traffic domain?

First thing you should look for is the answer to the question “Why are visitors coming to the domain?”

If you can’t find an answer to that question first you should try to find one before proceeding. The chances of getting burned is more when you don’t have an answer to that question.

3. What are the other important factors to consider?

a. Do proper research whether the domain in question has any trademarks

b. Find out the geo location of the traffic. If the visitors are from a country where there are no advertisers for the keyword(which you might use during parking) then there isn’t much scope for the domain from the parking angle. So this factor is important.

c. Find out which parking system the domain currently is parked. Some domains do well only with some parking companies. For eg. if the domain is doing currently well at DomainSponsor and you don’t have an account with DomainSponsor thinking you will get the same results with say Sedo, then you are taking a huge risk.

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