Fabulous.com is one of the domain registrars i really like for the following reasons.

– Interface is simple and clean
– Changing Nameservers, Contact details and getting Authorization code for transferring out is all easy
– They seem to be paying one of the top parking revenue though i haven’t experienced it myself

Why am i transferring out my domains then?

$7.30/year for .com domains applies only to Wholesale/Monetization accounts
$29.95/year for .com domains if you have a Retail/Registration account(this is what most of you will have)

Since i have a Registration account, it doesn’t make business sense to renew domains which i have at Fabulous.com. Hence i am transferring out my domains.

I thought i will share with everyone about this pricing difference so that you can be better prepared for renewals.

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  1. My domain is expiring in a couple months. You seem like you know your way around the internet pretty well. What is domain register to go with. Im thinking about going with order.1and1.com. The first year is 7 bucks. Best I’ve seen so far

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