I will first share my experience with Parked.com. I bought a L-L-L.com for low $XXX sometime back. This name was receiving lot of traffic and was parked at Sedo. It was earning $0(to be precise) and i didn’t bother much about it. When i decided to sell the domain, no one was willing to take the domain for even low $XX. At this point i registered with Parked.com and moved this L-L-L.com to Parked.com. I moved the domain without any great expectation feeling this domain was probably worthless. To my surprise it started making $2-$5 every day. In 15 days i sold this L-L-L.com for mid $XXX. There was no looking back from that point and Parked.com from then had been one of my major source of revenue.

Other reasons why you should try Parked.com
– It is one of the top parking services available in the market with nice templates.
– Pays twice every month. Isn’t that cool.
– Pays using Paypal if you choose Paypal as payment option.
– It has a cool referral program which means your revenue can only grow.