admin on July 21, 2013 Membership is opened for free. Signup and you can get over 100 WordPress Plugins.

Following are the 6 Mandatory Steps To Get 100+ WordPress Plugins For Free

Step 1: Go to Fantastic Plugins

Step 2: Hit the “Become Member” button and then the “Sign Up Now” button

Step 3: Enter your details and you are done

Step 4: Login to your account and you can get all the 100+ WordPress Plugins

Step 5: Tweet Fantastic Plugins

Step 6: Follow Fantastic Plugins

Ok I was just kidding. You need to do only the first 4 Steps. 5 & 6 are optional. Just do 5 & 6 to spread the word and get some Good Karma. Thanks in advance.

Thats it for now.





Recently I got a mail shown in the below picture supposed to be from Paypal. The moment I saw the mail, I know it is a Paypal Phishing Email.

Following are some of the tips you can use to identify the Phishing Emails such as above.

1. Take a look at the First Red Box. You can notice the sender email id: but with the name as “”. For the naked eye it might look like the email id is which is not the case.

2. Take a look at the Second Red Box. Paypal or any such big guys usually address by your name i.e. Personalized email rather than a bulk email.

3.  Check the Third Red Box. The email asks you to download the attachment. Paypal never asks you to download anything. The moment an email asks you to download something you got to be alert.

4. This email was sent to my email id which is no way connected to my Paypal id. That was a easy give away.

Stay alert guys and you can save your hard earned money, time and peace of mind.



admin on June 16, 2013

Looking for a way to Protect your WordPress site Content. Here we have a Plugin to do that. It has touched the 1000 Download mark and going strong.

You can download it from

Fantastic Content Protector Free on

or from

Fantastic Content Protector Free on

WordPress Content Protector does that by disabling the following user actions

1. Disables the Mouse Right Click
2. Disables CTRL+C – Copy
3. Disables CTRL+X – Cut
4. Disables CTRL+V – Paste
5. Disables CTRL+U – View Source
6. Disables CTRL+A – Select All
7. Disables CTRL+S – Save
8. Disables Image Dragging

If you looking to customize the options say you want to pick and choose the actions in the above list which should be disabled then consider buying our Premium WordPress Content Protector where in the Settings Page you can select/deselect the above actions which will then be disabled.

Check out many more of our Premium WordPress Plugins.

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admin on May 28, 2013

Putting a Copyright Notice is something most websites do. We developed the Fantastic Copyright Free which is a WordPress Copyright Plugin for putting a Copyright Notice in the Footer of your WordPress site incase your theme doesn’t put a Copyright Notice. We released it as a free plugin on and currently it has a little over 1000 Downloads.

You can download it from

Fantastic Copyright Free on

or from

Fantastic Copyright Free on

Following are some of the features of this Copyright Plugin

1. Super Customizable. Almost every field is customizable.

2. Current Year is automatically displayed. You don’t have to worry about changing the Year every time a New Year comes.

3. Owner Anchor Text and Owner Link can be set from Settings Page.

4. Additionally 1 Link can be inserted.

5. SEO factor taken into account. Each link can be set to NoFollow or vice versa.

6. If you want unlimited number of additional links to be inserted for say Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions etc, then consider buying our Fantastic Copyright which is a Premium Copyright Plugin.



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WordPress is celebrating the 10th Anniversary on 27th May 2013. Its hard to imagine developing websites without WordPress. WordPress has been an integral part of my website development with almost 95% of my websites running on WordPress.

WordPress 10th Anniversary Meetup

WordPress has been a favorite especially among the Domainers due to its ease of use. Way to go WordPress.

We Love WordPress and for those interested in Premium WordPress Plugins, we have a Coupon Code – “wp10yr” which will give a huge discount for joining Fantastic Plugins.

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admin on April 27, 2013

Today I was checking for information about the WooCommerce Plugin from WooThemes. I noticed WooThemes is Down. Getting a “403 Forbidden” error. Below is the screenshot of the result when I access WooThemes directly by typing the url.

I even tried going through Google and Yahoo in vain.

Is the site hacked? Anyone else facing the same problem?



admin on April 26, 2013

Fantastic Plugins is a collection of WordPress Premium Plugins for which we have been working hard lately. Our aim is to make Premium WordPress Plugins available at a price of less than a dollar/plugin. If you use WordPress for site development, then this offer is definitely for you.

Following are the main features to note

1. 21 WordPress Plugins at $5/year.

2. All Plugins are custom coded and hence be assured of the upgrades and maintenance.

3. New Plugins will be added all the time for no additional fee. As long as you are a member you get access to all the latest Plugins.

4. Members can submit request for new Plugins. We will take it up based on the number of requests.

5. Lock your price now and don’t worry about the future price increase.

6. Social Plugins (Facebook, Twitter etc), Image Slider, Image Gallery, Scroller Plugins and many more available at the moment. More to come in the future.

As a Pre-launch offer to the readers, we are offering Fantastic Plugins at a damn cheap price. Any question, feedback, suggestion, bug etc can be sent to or use the contact page.

Become a Member for $5/year (75% off on $20).

Limited time offer!!!

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admin on April 25, 2013

Tired of hunting for Godaddy Coupon Codes? I use this method often. Use this method only when you can afford to procrastinate the purchase by a few days.

Add all your shopping items into the Godaddy shopping cart and hold on the payment step. Simply log out having the shopping cart with the shopping items with pending payment status. After a day or two you will get a mail from Godaddy giving a discount coupon code as an encouragement to complete the purchase.

It always worked for me. This trick is for the lazy domainers out there.

admin on January 1, 2013

Wish you all a very happy new year 2013. I am planning for a lot of things professionally as well as personally. Lets see how it all turns out.

Few new year resolutions. Eat healthily and stay fit by hitting the gym regularly. Other than that need to blog more frequently in 2013.

admin on December 24, 2012

Hope everyone is doing fine. Wish you all a very happy & merry Christmas. Its been a while since I posted.

This year Santa is tracked by both Norad & Google. If you are interested in Santa tracking, check it out for Santa tracker.